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POWERQUAT is a concentrated sanitiser based on twin-chain quaternary ammonium compound. It is a strong and versatile sanitiser for use in food-processing and beverage plants, dairies and meat-processing works.

Key Benefits
Very strong and effective on gram positive and gram negative bacteria
Wide applications in surface disinfection
Effective on bacteria, mould and algae
Odourless to suit food-processing areas
Enables rinse-free sanitising at 1:250
Safe to use on all metal food processing equipment

How Does It Work?
POWERQUAT is a quaternary-ammonium-based sanitiser that has broad germ-killing capabilities. It also possesses some surface active properties that provide some detergency and good surface-wetting characteristics. Quaternary ammonium compounds are effective at destroying bacteria, moulds, fungi and algae. POWERQUAT is a low-toxicity product that is stable to light and heat. Its potency does not decline over time.

For Use On …
POWERQUAT is a concentrated food-grade sanitiser for use in kitchens and food processing areas. It is an excellent sanitiser for sanitising general surfaces, pots and pans, floors, filling machines, cookers, tables, non-porous cutting implements, conveyor belts and mixing pans. When sanitised with POWERQUAT these items are rendered free from bacteria.

Available in  5L or 20L

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