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PORTACARE is a blue liquid sanitiser designed as the waste tank additive for portable toilets, sewage holding tanks and sanitary pan systems.

Main Benefits
Eliminates unpleasant odours
Controls bacteria levels thereby reducing gas build-up
Will not harm tank seals
Breaks down sewage and toilet paper

How does it work?
PORTACARE contains surfactants which are colloidal particles that attack soil and waste on a macromolecular level. These particles reduce the surface tension of the solution, attack and encapsulate the dirt and organic matter and separate these substances from the walls of the tank. The treated waste can then be washed away easily.

The product also contains an effective germ-killing agent to control bacteria, together with a deodoriser and a perfume. The latter two ingredients assist by attacking bad odour molecules and removing them from the air. PORTACARE is a strong blue colour so the waste tank contents are masked by a blue colouration.

For use on …
PORTACARE is recommended for use in the waste tanks of portable toilets and cassette toilets, as well as in bus and aircraft holding tanks.

Available in 5L or 20L

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