LEATHER CARE is a cleaner, conditioner and protector for fully-pigmented smooth leather surfaces, such as leather lounge suites, leather upholstery in motor cars, handbags, jackets, shoes and boots.

Key Benefits
Rejuvenates the leather leaving it soft and supple.
Contains beeswax and lanolin to moisturise the leather.
Increases the durability of the leather.
Provides resistance against stains,
spots and spillages.

How Does It Work?
LEATHER CARE is formulated with mild, biodegradable detergents so it cleans gently but effectively. As it dries, LEATHER CARE leaves a wax-rich film that impregnates the leather to both improve the sheen and moisturise the leather.

For Use On…
LEATHER CARE is excellent when used on fully-pigmented, smooth leather surfaces, such as are found in leather upholstery, jackets, handbags, suitcases, shoes, boots and fashion accessories.

Available in 1 or 5L

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