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COFFEE MACHINE CLEANER is a detergent powder designed for cleaning the brewing unit in espresso machines. It removes coffee residues from the shower, filter and group handle. It is also excellent for soaking cups, teapots and crockery.

Key Benefits
Removes all build-up
Dissolves brown tannin stains
Prevents scale build-up
Non-corrosive to metal and plastic parts
Non-injurious to decoration on cups and saucer

How Does It Work?
COFFEE MACHINE CLEANER contains a special blend of ingredients that dissolve and oxidise tannins and proteins. It will not extract metals from the internal surfaces of the machine and is safe on brass components. It removes all traces of coffee, tea and milk. Remember that an unclean brewing unit will spoil the taste of the coffee which will develop a typical burnt flavour. Regular use of COFFEE MACHINE CLEANER will ensure your coffee tastes great.

For Use On…
COFFEE MACHINE CLEANER is a safe and effective cleaning agent for use in espresso machines. COFFEE MACHINE CLEANER is also a good stain remover for soaking cutlery, teacups, saucers and plates in the café and kitchen prior to dishwashing.

Available in  500gm

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