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What is Dish-Power?

DISH-POWER is a high performance detergent for commercial dishwashing machines. In concentrated powder form, enclosed in a tub and dispensed through an automatic dilution system, it provides a safer, more compact alternative to machine dishwashing liquids.

Key Benefits:

  • Compact – one 4kg container of DISH-POWER will wash the same amount of crockery and cutlery as one 20L container of Autodish dishwashing liquid
  • Safer to use – Enclosed solid powder minimises contact with product and eliminates the risk of splashing caustic on skin or in eyes
  • Special anti-caking formulation keeps the powder soluble

How Does It Work?

DISH-POWER is an industrial strength powder detergent that is packed in a 4kg tub with a wide lid and a mesh screen over the opening. With the lid removed, the tub is placed upside down in a special dispenser that uses hot water to dissolve a metered amount of powder into the dishwasher to maintain the correct detergent concentration at all times. Rinse Aid can still be used as normal through a standard dishwashing detergent dispenser.

For Use On…

DISH-POWER is a high-performance detergent that provides excellent cleaning of dishes, glasses and cutlery.

Available in 4kg

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